Spine & Pain Physicians Surgery Center


Welcome to middle Tennessee’s new Spine & Pain Physicians Surgery Center. The center is staffed by medical experts, known as interventional pain physicians, highly qualified spine and pain relief experts. Spine and Pain Physicians Surgery Center will focus solely on therapeutic procedures to provide spine and pain solutions with minimally invasive therapies.

Over the years, SPPSC’s founder Charles (Graf) Hilgenhurst, MD and peers – have heard numerous reports from frustrated patients unable to determine where to find qualified spine and pain providers, offering alternatives to medication and surgery. Spine and Pain Physicians Surgery Center offers state of the art spine and pain services and specialized pain relief. Recognizing the growing patient demand for such a facility, Spine and Pain Physicians Surrey Center was established in Rutherford County, the first surgery center dedicated to spine and pain treatment only.

Serving patients throughout middle Tennessee, the new Spine & Pain Physicians Surgery Center performs minimally invasive procedures to relieve spine and pain discomfort. Uniquely qualified to treat spine pain and related pain disorders, the highly specialized center offers a much needed solution for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions.

Serving as a regional center for pain treatment excellence, the goal of the surgical facility is to provide patients with a safe environment for minimally invasive spine and pain diagnosis and treatment procedures performed by a board-certified physician. With the center’s highly regulated environment, patients can feel confident that standards for safety and quality care are being met.

Committed to personalized care and treatment of pain, Spine and Pain Physicians Surgery Center treats numerous acute and chronic pain conditions including cancer pain management, cervical spine disorders, degenerative spinal conditions, herniated discs, lumbar spine disorders, pinched nerves, rotator cuff injuries, sciatica, and spinal cord injuries.

The Spine and Pain Physicians Surgery Center is positioned to offer highly personalized service; the staff takes the patient’s pain condition seriously, listens attentively, and safely and effectively treats spine and pain disorders. Early treatment with spine pain is vital. If you are experiencing spine or pain discomfort, relief is available to greatly improve or eliminate debilitating pain. Our qualified team is available to answer your questions and assist you in with your needs call 615-459-3881.

Spine & Pain Physicians Surgery Center

1177 Rock Springs Road, Suite 130
Smyrna, TN 37167